Kala Bhairava Ashtami – Master Your Time with the Lord of Time!

"Time is money."
"Time once lost, is lost forever."
"Time management is life management."

These are well known statements about time. Time is a mysterious phenomenon. Know More...

Kala Bhairava (Kala means march of time; Bhairava is a fierce aspect of Shiva) is the Lord of Time. He is the Vedic archetype who represents time, and governs a world of timelessness beyond reason, logic, and ideas. He is said to manufacture Time Shakti (or Time Energy) for different dimensions of reality. There is no planet or star where there is no time, although perception of time will be longer or shorter depending on each planet. Since different planets and stars vibrate at different speeds, their time perception also changes.

Kala Bhairava – Brings you in the right place at the right time Kala Bhairava – Enables you to achieve more in less time Kala Bhairava – Creates favorable time and ends bad times Kala Bhairava – Puts an ends to waiting and delays

There is an optimal time for presenting requests to Kala Bhairava. This optimal time is Ashtami or the Eight Phase of Moon. The Tamil Siddhas, or the inner scientists of South India, say that while generally there is greater energy available during the odd numbered Moon phases than the even numbered, the powerful energy during the Eighth Phase of Moon is the exception.

Generally speaking, the Eight Phase of the Waxing or Waning Moon every month is an auspicious time to get in touch with Kala Bhairava. It is celebrated as Kala Bhairava Ashtami. A person intending to create a lifetime of fortune and remove one’s negative karma should never miss the opportunity to take advantage of this day.

If you worship time, even a millisecond will matter
and bring you prosperity, victory and peace.

AstroVed offers special fire ceremony (homa) for Kala Bhairava to empower you with mastery over your time and fortune with Kala Bhairava's help.
The time is now to take matters into your own hands to access Kala Bhairava to transform your life. He is your Personal Protector to shatter the past, present and future and lead you directly to your chosen dream.

Participate in Kala Bhairava Fire Ceremony!

Pray to Kala Bhairava

Recital of Kala Bhairava Ashtakam
brings immense benefits.

Listen to Chant

"You should worship every moment. The moment is a being. He is Kala Bhairava. He is activity, not inactivity. If you are goofy, then you are bringing in the anti-Kala Bhairava energy. Keep praying to Kala Bhairava.  Without Him, you won't be able to change time. When time changes, fortune will change."

~ Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Founder, AstroVed