Manage Time

A person can pray to Kala Bhairava to alter his/her bad time or enhance his/her good time, according to personal experiences and astrological circumstances. Kala Bhairava plays the following role in the lives of those who access his energy.

Puts an End to Procrastination

Are you among those who tend to procrastinate when you know you must take action now? Time is the most precious asset we have in our lives. When you waste time, you are absolutely wasting your ability to produce the results for achieving your dreams.
Kala Bhairava can force you to jump over the bad time choices you make in the form of laziness, lethargy and idleness. You must also obtain the consciousness to discontinue unrewarding action, even in your own job.

Befriend Time Energies

Reorients Time Completely

Kala Bhairava organizes every individual’s personal time. For instance, one person works for a minimum wage of $7 an hour. Someone else makes $700 an hour. Still someone else makes nothing in an hour. The person who makes nothing in an hour is absolutely insulting time.

If time is unfavorable to you, and you realize that your time is not spent properly, then you can pray to Kala Bhairava. He will also watch over you when you are sleeping so that you do not waste Time Shakti while sleeping. People who have disturbed sleep should also pray to Bhairava. If you are endlessly waiting for things to happen and they never happens, this means you have offended time either in this life or a previous one. You can fix the problem by worshipping Kala Bhairava.

Get Bhairava’s Blessings

Provides Clarity and Focus

When was the last time you woke up in the morning being clear, motivated and happy, knowing exactly how to implement your dreams immediately? You need clarity within your own mind for creation. Also, you need to be motivated to act. When you do nothing, little changes and your dreams remain in your imagination, never to be given to the world.

Kala Bhairava, the Lord of Time, will not only show you the vision of what it is you want to create, but he will also give you the exact knowledge and clarity on how to realize dreams. This new profound knowledge gives you no other choice but to take action now to follow your dreams.

Benefit from Bhairava Ritual

Makes Dreams Real

It is a common human belief that working hard and long hours will give us the greatest rewards. This is a misconception. There is no need to zigzag through life to get to your goal, when Kala Bhairava can give you that one direct path to your goal.
The wisdom of Bhairava can transform the power of your hours into seconds, just by accepting his intentional energy. This will accelerate your manifestations substantially, so instead of receiving your desires in years, you crush time now and get what you want sooner and with more joy and ease. Praying to Bhairava helps us to accomplish material and spiritual goals in line with our life purpose with ease.

Invoke Bhairava’s Grace

Creates Instant Results

If one receives instant enlightenment or prosperity or recovery from debt or illness, it is the work of Bhairava. He created the planets and time to organize reality.
Kala Bhairava lives in the moment and his energy can be accessed every moment. His energy also inspires great love and devotion. A devotee can create a personal relationship with Kala Bhairava, and gain instant results if they go to him with a pure heart.

Connect to the Lord of Time

Gifts Freedom from Fear

Often, Kala Bhairava is associated with ‘fear’. He releases his devotees from fear, particularly fear related to attachment. By releasing fear, he can bless the devotee with gifts that are eternal and timeless.
By worshipping Kala Bhairava, you completely take charge of every moment of your life and avoid future mishaps, accidents and other unfortunate events.

Get Bhairava’s Protection

Brings Saturn’s Grace

It is strongly believed that it was Kala Bhairava who granted Saturn the status of a ‘planet’. When you appease Kala Bhairava, you get the grace of Saturn.
It is said that time records everything. This includes your karma from innumerable incarnations that you have been through. Kala Bhairava, when pleased, could help you to meltdown your negative karma. This could lead to a lighter and happier life.

Erase Karma through Bhairava

Pray to Kala Bhairava

Recital of Kala Bhairava Ashtakam
brings immense benefits.

Listen to Chant

"You should worship every moment. The moment is a being. He is Kala Bhairava. He is activity, not inactivity. If you are goofy, then you are bringing in the anti-Kala Bhairava energy. Keep praying to Kala Bhairava.  Without Him, you won't be able to change time. When time changes, fortune will change."

~ Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Founder, AstroVed